Bill Barr Begins Coronavirus Crackdown – He’s Going To Stop Hoarding And Price Gouging Of Medical Supplies

Americans are all struggling with the ongoing crisis. But what is making the matter worse?

How some people are responding.

Some people are panicking-shopping (good luck using your year’s supply of toilet paper). But worse than that are a select few who are hoarding life-saving medical supplies.

Even in a time of crisis, there are those who want to take advantage. We are seeing it right now in D.C.
Bill Barr Begins Coronavirus Crackdown – He’s Going To Stop Hoarding And Price Gouging Of Medical Supplies
But there is the danger that private citizens will buy up things like face masks and other supplies. Their intent? To sell it back to people at inflated prices.

So, AG Bill Barr just gave these crooks some bad news.

From Daily Wire:

Attorney General William Barr announced during a press conference on Monday that the Department of Justice is cracking down on people who are hoarding critical medical supplies and engaging in price gouging…

“Once specific materials are so designated, persons are prohibited from accumulating those items in excess of reasonable, personal or business needs, or for the purpose of selling them in excess of prevailing market prices.”

Bill Barr announced that the DOJ will be going after any private citizen or company who tries to hoard large quantities of critical supplies.

We’re not talking about your neighbor who cleared out Costos’s supply of hand wipes.

We’re talking about people who sit on warehouses full of supplies that could be used by hospitals and doctors.

There hasn’t been much word that this is going on. But Trump and the AG aren’t taking any chances.

Barr made it clear that people who try to price gouge right now will be facing a visit from the DOJ.

At a time like this, Americans need to come together. Major companies are pitching in, using their resources to manufacture respirators, hand sanitizer, and ventilators.

Imagine if someone out there had supplies that could save lives, but instead tried to get rich quick?

Someone like that might face the wrath of Bill Barr.

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